Agricultural Resilience


Planning for the Future

The SLS is working with Snohomish Conservation District on a Snohomish County Agriculture Resilience Plan. The goal is to continue to grow an economically viable agricultural system in Snohomish County that supports the community’s needs for food and open space as we face the impacts of climate change and development pressure.

The Resilience Plan will allow the agricultural community to be represented at the table of other floodplain planning efforts such as salmon recovery, flood mitigation, and development planning. Priorities set forth in the plan can be used to develop multi-benefit approaches to floodplain and watershed management in Snohomish County. The Resilience Plan will then serve as a powerful tool allowing the agricultural community and partners to work together toward implementation of these goals to secure funding and regulatory efficiencies. 

Please contact the Snohomish Conservation District for more information.