The sustainable lands strategy of snohomish county is committed to finding net gains for farm, fish, and flood interests.


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While the Sustainable Lands Strategy (SLS) does not sponsor projects, committee members and partners use the support of the forum to get funding for projects and bring interested parties together to complete them. Below are examples of some of the most recent projects SLS has had the honor of working with.

Photo by Julie Allen, Justamare Farm

Photo by Julie Allen, Justamare Farm

Agricultural resilience plan

To be resilient means to withstand changes or difficulties. This is something farmers are accustomed to, but climate change brings new challenges as we experience increased temperatures, drought, and high-intensity rainfall events.

Photo by Scott Haydon

Photo by Scott Haydon

Reach Scale Planning

The purpose of the reach-scale planning effort is to identify a coordinated set of multi-benefit projects that will, when completed, improve natural functions within a river reach while generating a net gain for the farm, fish, and flood management interests.

Partners come together to discuss farmland protection easements.

Partners come together to discuss farmland protection easements.

Stillaguamish valley protection initiative

Sustainable Lands Strategy partners are working to develop a program to protect large blocks of contiguous farmland and reduce development pressure in the Lower Stillaguamish Floodplain.

The Sustainable Lands Strategy hosted a dinner on September 18, 2018 to bring partners together to celebrate achievements and discuss future work. Hosted on the beautiful landscape of Swans Trail Farm, we heard from new stakeholders, deepened existing relationships, and laid the foundation for a Community Vision to propel our work into the future. 

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