Friend and Foe by Karen Fuentes, Hazel Blue Acres (taken for 2017 PhotoVoice Project)

Integration Team

The Sustainable Lands Strategy (SLS) has been successful at bringing together partners in Snohomish County that represent salmon recovery, agricultural, and flooding interests to develop a platform and plan for floodplain management. Over the last 8 years, however, it has been a challenge to execute on-the-ground project development and implementation that would further the goals of this forum.

SLS and partners recognize the need to bring together ground-level project managers and planners from the three interests to discuss the suite of project opportunities available, and to develop projects and project packages with a multi-benefit lens.

To do this, a project integration team has been created to organize the fish, farm and flood interest group priority needs. Project sequencing and packages developed will be vetted by the Executive Committee and become part of the ongoing work of the Snohomish and Stillaguamish River reach scale plans.

The integration team is composed of technical staff from participating organizations, governments, and agencies that develop projects and have a high level of understanding of the needs of salmon recovery, flood mitigation, and/or agriculture resilience.